Thursday, August 31, 2017

So this is Foamiran…

During a recent visit to the dentist, the opportunity arose to mention my interest with creating flowers with foam. The ladies seemed interested with what they saw. My husband still needed to return again, so we decided to create a couple of “blossoms.”  I love hearing the reactions as they received these Lilies. 

Die used: Whimsy Stamp Die…Lily Flower Die
Flower: Ivory Foamiran
Leaves: Green Foamiran
Coloration: Faber-Castell’s Gelatos…Butter Cream, Mango, Pistachio, Chocolate
Other items: die cutting/embossing machine, iron, ball stylists, hot glue, Prills and 1 ½” sq. Plexiglas or plastic

The Lily Flower petal die offers 3 sizes. For this project, I cut 3 layers of each size. If you have never used this 0.6cm foam, you can cut multiple layers at one time. (I’ve cut as many as 6 layers at one time.) Did the same for the leaves.

There are many ways to apply the desired accent colors with Gelatos. For me, this was my best choice. Apply the Butter Cream to the outer tips of both sides for each petal. Then, lightly blend the color towards the bud end using your finger. Next, apply and blend Mango from the bud end lightly towards the outside tip. Do not cover the entire petal unless you want total coverage.

The leaves are accented with the Pistachio and Chocolate in a more random style.For the next step, you will need an iron, set at a low temperature. For me to explain this process, I would rather have you look at a video.  Thought you might like the following, very interesting video...                                                                 

Fun wasn’t it.

Now, after you assemble your flower, I glued the flowers to a piece plastic. That is not necessary but as I wanted to offer these to the ladies thinking it would be “safer” for the flowers to have a sturdy base – less handling of the petals.

Sure hope this graceful Lily inspires you to create something new and a little different..

Many thanks for spotting by today.
Till our next visit,
May God Bless you and yours,


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