Monday, August 21, 2017

Just a Flower!

Sometimes a single flower says more than a dozen. It speaks volumes.

These flowers have been created for our friends with special celebration dates this month. The flowers have been created with Foamiran foams and die cut in layers of 4-6 per die. All the background dies were found on

With every flower I create out of this type of foam, I can see improvement. I'm even feeling more comfortable using a hot glue gun! 

If you want some great instructional videos, just look up Foamiran or Flower Making with Foamiran on Youtube. You may not understand their languages, but just watching will offer a wealth of instructional knowledge.

Jim and I have been blessed with so many wonderful and talented friends. Jim retired from the electrical field 12 years ago and has now gotten into woodworking. (I lost most of my basement space at that time which meant I had to move my crafts upstairs.) So many of his friends are either tuners or carvers. Their hobbies have created a unique bond. 

Ever since our daughters were born, I've been involved with some sort of creative arts. When I lost my arm, I decided not to sit still and started making greeting cards. Getting interested with dimensional flowers with quality papers started about two years ago. So it is only logical to start looking into a little more realistic media. It is so relaxing and exciting to see these flowers "come to life." My challenges have been adapting a two handed technique to a one handed process. 

Since I had to change my crafting location, I moved into one of the girl's bedrooms. Now I have two rooms devoted  to my creating enjoyment. If I find anymore interesting doable ventures, I guess I will need to take over the dinning room.! 

Thank you for stopping by today and letting me ramble on. Would love to hear from you and about your crafting interest.

God Bless and guide you,



  1. You are amazing; more beautiful flowers.

  2. Thank you Linda. These flowers are honestly so much fun to create. I continue to be amazed by the results.


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