Thursday, August 31, 2017

So this is Foamiran…

During a recent visit to the dentist, the opportunity arose to mention my interest with creating flowers with foam. The ladies seemed interested with what they saw. My husband still needed to return again, so we decided to create a couple of “blossoms.”  I love hearing the reactions as they received these Lilies. 

Die used: Whimsy Stamp Die…Lily Flower Die
Flower: Ivory Foamiran
Leaves: Green Foamiran
Coloration: Faber-Castell’s Gelatos…Butter Cream, Mango, Pistachio, Chocolate
Other items: die cutting/embossing machine, iron, ball stylists, hot glue, Prills and 1 ½” sq. Plexiglas or plastic

The Lily Flower petal die offers 3 sizes. For this project, I cut 3 layers of each size. If you have never used this 0.6cm foam, you can cut multiple layers at one time. (I’ve cut as many as 6 layers at one time.) Did the same for the leaves.

There are many ways to apply the desired accent colors with Gelatos. For me, this was my best choice. Apply the Butter Cream to the outer tips of both sides for each petal. Then, lightly blend the color towards the bud end using your finger. Next, apply and blend Mango from the bud end lightly towards the outside tip. Do not cover the entire petal unless you want total coverage.

The leaves are accented with the Pistachio and Chocolate in a more random style.For the next step, you will need an iron, set at a low temperature. For me to explain this process, I would rather have you look at a video.  Thought you might like the following, very interesting video...                                                                 

Fun wasn’t it.

Now, after you assemble your flower, I glued the flowers to a piece plastic. That is not necessary but as I wanted to offer these to the ladies thinking it would be “safer” for the flowers to have a sturdy base – less handling of the petals.

Sure hope this graceful Lily inspires you to create something new and a little different..

Many thanks for spotting by today.
Till our next visit,
May God Bless you and yours,


Saturday, August 26, 2017

For Your Special Day…

Each of us have special days each year that we consider “just ours.” When these special days occur, it is made more special when friends acknowledge it too. This card will be sent to celebrate a young couple’s 27th Anniversary.

For today’s card, I used a Pale Peach and Dark Green Foamiran. I wanted a nice sized flower so I selected a retired Sizzix die, created by Susan’s Garden – Tulip. There are 3 larger sizes of petal designs in this set. I cut 4 layers each of the peach (at one time) and 4 layers of the green for the leaves. Then, using Gelatos, I blended Mando and Butter Cream on the outer tips of the petals. For the blending, I found you do not have to completely covered as I used my fingers to blend each color. The area that will be in the center, I used Pistachio and the Butter Cream, blending softly towards the upper edges. 

For the leaves, I again used the Gelatos and actually the same three colors to randomly blend.
To see the process of forming the flower, it would be easier to watch a video on youtube: There are several and you may find the different techniques interesting.

The lovely chip board design is from Snip Art. I hot glued the board onto a lavender pearlescent paper then glued the flower and leaves into place.

Special Note: Hope you get a chance to look into creating life-like flowers using this exciting 0.6cm foam. It is thinner than most of our crafters foam. I have purchased my foam from Foamiran World in Ireland and have recently learned the Whimsy Stamps in Florida carries the foam and supplies. You can use your put-together flower dies as there seems to be no difference in the quality of the dies.

Wishing you a fantastic day and hoping you will drop by again.
God Bless,


Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Fantasy Brush Works…

  Creating something unique and beautiful, is a way of life for so many. For me, creating what I call my Fantasy Designs, is to relax and let my brush do what it wants. In the early 1990s, I discovered a little know art book with the wild designs of the late Lucille Watkins. I never had the chance to meet her in person but her style really captured my imagination. It was free-form, flowing, colorful. It was Fantasy! It was Fun!

When creating my own, one-of-a-kind designs, I found the using FolkArt Enamels worked best for what I wanted to achieve –  the color builds up for a slight dimensional edge. Usually I would double or triple load my brush (2 to 3 colors at a time). It does not matter what size or shape of the brush, they all worked beautifully with multiple colors. As for the brushes I preferred, I loved the ones for acrylics from Royal Brushes. These paintings are on watercolor paper.

The cards shown here are part of a group I’m creating for a friend. 

Life is more when when you create something for those we know.

Have a great week!

God Bless each of you.


Monday, August 21, 2017

Just a Flower!

Sometimes a single flower says more than a dozen. It speaks volumes.

These flowers have been created for our friends with special celebration dates this month. The flowers have been created with Foamiran foams and die cut in layers of 4-6 per die. All the background dies were found on

With every flower I create out of this type of foam, I can see improvement. I'm even feeling more comfortable using a hot glue gun! 

If you want some great instructional videos, just look up Foamiran or Flower Making with Foamiran on Youtube. You may not understand their languages, but just watching will offer a wealth of instructional knowledge.

Jim and I have been blessed with so many wonderful and talented friends. Jim retired from the electrical field 12 years ago and has now gotten into woodworking. (I lost most of my basement space at that time which meant I had to move my crafts upstairs.) So many of his friends are either tuners or carvers. Their hobbies have created a unique bond. 

Ever since our daughters were born, I've been involved with some sort of creative arts. When I lost my arm, I decided not to sit still and started making greeting cards. Getting interested with dimensional flowers with quality papers started about two years ago. So it is only logical to start looking into a little more realistic media. It is so relaxing and exciting to see these flowers "come to life." My challenges have been adapting a two handed technique to a one handed process. 

Since I had to change my crafting location, I moved into one of the girl's bedrooms. Now I have two rooms devoted  to my creating enjoyment. If I find anymore interesting doable ventures, I guess I will need to take over the dinning room.! 

Thank you for stopping by today and letting me ramble on. Would love to hear from you and about your crafting interest.

God Bless and guide you,


Saturday, August 5, 2017

Twenty-Eight Years…And Still Happy!

Twenty-eight years ago, on the 12th of this month, we attended the wedding of a wonderful young couple who have remained dear and cherished friends. Even though they live a little more than 200 miles from here, getting together is always a joyous occasion. We are looking forward to their visit next month.

Now, if you are on my email list, or even read my “Cabbage Rose” article below, you know that I have discovered what the thousands of flower makers across the oceans have been enjoying for about 3-5 years…Foamiran!

For the card pictured above, I used White Foamiran, die cutting 6 layers (at one time) from Heartfelt Creations’ Vintage Floret. To add some colorations, I used Gelatos to blend several shades of pale pink, yellow and green for two of the flowers and instead of the pink, I used an orange and blended in the same way for the third. There are so many ways to blend but today I elected to just lightly rub each petal with my fingers. You could use blending sticks, a foam blender or even tissue.

You do need to watch the videos to understand about slightly heating then “circling” the petals between your hands, to get the unique textures. (Try that with just one hand! My jeans look rather strange now with a long smudge of color on one leg.) I used hot glue to assemble the flower. Then for the centers I hot glued Prills in place. (Have not mastered the stamens yet.)

The leaves are actually a heavy blended fibrous paper purchased through USArtQuest. The medallion was purchased on line and the lightly accented with Colorbox’s Antique Copper.

I do hope you will look into Foamiran and, as a wonderful artist friend of mine use to say, “Give it a go!”

Thank you for stopping by today. Hope the rest of your summer is filled with beauty and never-ending love.

God bless you all always,


Cabbage Rose

This has been an exciting year for paper crafters. We have been seeing and sharing videos about products we in the US have little or no knowledge of. Sometimes I feel like a whole new and exciting creative avenue is finally opening for us. Earlier this year Chameleon Pens introduced their Color Tops to compliment and blend with their existing 50 colors. These pens are fantastic and offer so much coloring freedom. I hope in the next few months to present several projects using these interesting pens.

Today, I would like to show you something called Foamiran! If you really want an eye-opener, just go to YouTube and be prepared to spend some time. (For just a starter take a look at and then go search!)

I tried to do a photo study of a card that I just finished. I am also using Faber-Castell’s Gelatos for the first time. Interesting!

A note on Foamiran: it is a very thin (0.6mm) flexible foam. You can die cut as many as 6 layers of foam at one time! Believe me, it is more than fascinating just for that aspect. (I think it might be easier on the dies too.) After die cutting then separate the layers.

For this project, I used Heartfelt Creations’ Vintage Floret to cut 4 different sizes, each with 6 layers from the White Foamiran. The leaves are Heartfelt Creations’  Classic Leaf die again 6 layers but with Olive Green Foamiran.

Flower: To start I used Butterscotch to apply the darker centers on both the front and back side of each petal. I blended the color toward the outer edges with my finger.

Then I used Butter Cream going from the outer edge toward the center and again blended with my finger. I found that I did not need an even application to get the look I desired.

Leaves: I randomly applied a Chocolate color and a few highlights of Butterscotch for highlights. Again I blended the color.

If you watch the video mentioned above and use your imagine, you can see what I attempted to do to create a softer look to the flower. (If you want some fun, try it with one hand.)


The Finished card!

Just the beginning!

I still have a lot to learn using these foams, but I’m willing to keep trying. I love the realism offered and the freedom to "do it your way!"

Special Note: I ordered my products from Foamiran World. My order arrived in 3 days from Ireland!

July 25, 2017

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