Friday, March 17, 2017

A Lumberman’s Special Birthday…

Theme parties are always fun and this one is really going to be special. We will be celebrating a darling little guys 1st birthday ... By the way, his grandpa was an especially great northern “lumberman!”

There was not much thought given as to what to create. Stampin’ Up’s (retired) woodsman was the first choice. It was a not much of a challenge trying to capture his ruggedness with traditional “woodsy” garb. Needless to say, I used The Chameleon Pens to produce the blended shades of green for his shirt. Actually, that shirt is only one color, Green Apple (GR1). By infusing the tip of the pen, you obtain a lighter shade that slowly darkens to full strength.  The grassy area shows a little more of the changes with that same Green Apple. His new jeans are Royal Blue (BL6) with the pockets being the infused color. Other colors that were used are: Crimson Red (RD4), Nude (NU00), Burgundy (RD5), Bark (BR5), Caramel (NU4) and Turquoise (BG3).

The trees are from Heartfelt CreationsSnow Kissed Spruce collection. For the stamped images, I blended a dark green and black ink to offer more realism in the coloration. Next, I die cut the stamped images and a black image of all three sizes.

For the card itself, I decided to make it into an easel design. To hold the display upright, I found a piece of scrap wood from Jim’s shop and glued it to the base. It almost looks like an old weathered log. Well that was the basic essentials and now just assemble.

Thank you for stopping by today. I really had fun creating this card and hope our little friend has a wonderful 1st birthday.

What are you creating? Want to share?

May God watch
 over you and yours, 

Till next time,

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