Tuesday, February 7, 2017

For A Beautiful Friend…

As you may have gathered, I love to create special greeting cards for our friends and family. Today’s card is for a most talented artist and gracious lady. When she picks up her art pencils, the results are breathtaking. I feel honored to have one of her drawings.

Last year, my husband gave me a wonderful set of Chameleon Pens for our 49th Anniversary. I have used them so often when creating my dimensional flower coloration's so I decided to apply them to a stamped projects. I have always liked this stamp from Gina K Designs, Arranged with Love (MM19C), and decided to give it a go.

The card stock for this A2 card is also from Gina K Designs. Because the pens are alcohol based, I used Memento Black ink to do the impression. 

If you have not used Chameleon Pens before, I think you are in for a great surprise. These pens can be fused to create a very light to full strength color in one application. They blend easily with other colors to create interest.

For the Roses: I fused the base color on each flower with some petals showing very little color, graduating to a stronger, full strength area. The colors used are Dusty Rose (PK2); Mellow Yellow (YO2); and the third rose is Light Peach (NU2). On the Dusty Rose and Mellow Yellow, I added a little Light Peach for accent.

The Lilies: Seville Orange (OR4) when fused is a light yellow and blends into a beautiful orange shade. I did very little accenting but used Warm Sunset (YO3) which brightened the petals.

The Cornflowers: You guessed it, Cornflower Blue (BL4) was perfect.

The Leaves: For the rose leaves use Dark Sage (GR2).  The other leaves are Olive Green (OL3).

The Frame: Fawn (NU3) full strength.

The Background: This is also a full strength application in Lagoon (BG1).

To my delight, the surface feels as smooth as a photograph.

For more information regarding these exciting pens, visit http://www.chameleonpens.com/home.

Thank you for stopping by today. Till next time,

God Bless,



  1. The more I see of work done with these pens makes me think about having some of the colors. Mmmm??? Very pretty card, Barb.

  2. Linda, thank you. I have really fallen in love with them. For me, they are a real must.


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