Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Brush Fun

During the past week plus, I have been busy with "reorganizing" my craft rooms. As you may expect, it was like a walk down memory lane with some things and the usual, why did I purchase this question. One of my long ago, and my favorite project, was this hand-painted, fantasy design, This is on just black paper and I used Acrylic Enamels paints. I like the sheen these paints offered.

We are also finishing up a unique wood-burning projects for the door frames for one of my crafting rooms. That was a challenge as we wanted the frames to be considered sketches with no rhyme or reason to them. There are two openings in that room (we took the doors off completely) which really gives a more flowing feel.

Well, got to go. Thanks so much for stopping by. Now to get back to my cards..

Till later.


  1. Your art work is wonderful as always. I am sure your door frames are a great addition to your work space.

    1. Thank you Dianne. I'm really excited about getting that second room in order. Jim has done a great job getting his framework in place...even inside the closet!


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