Monday, January 9, 2017

Double Tulip

As I tried to design this card, I was thinking of the lady who would receive it. She enjoys the outdoors, a good rodeo, her horses and their ranch-like setting. She also loves to garage sale and enhancing her “finds.”  My desire was to reflect her strengths and her delicate side.

The Card: For this project, I cut Neehan’s StarDream  Crystal pearlescent paper to 8 ½” x 5 ½” and folded in half for an A2 card. Also, cut an additional 3 ¾” x 5” in the Crystal. For the darker layers, I cut one pc at 4”x5 ½” and another at 3 ½” x 4 ¾” out of the Bronze pearlescent.  

The Flower and Leaves: For this project, I selected one of Susan’s Garden Tulip die (retired). Per my usual, I cut two sets of the individual petals out of the Crystal pearlescent paper. Then I cut the leaves and sepal out of the Bronze.

The Shaping: To create the shapes for the Tulip, I mostly use the loop tool from Susan’s Garden Tool set. I like the way it scallops the edges of the petals by just adding a slight pressure, then a slight pulling of the tool towards the center. Then I use a small ball tool to draw in the center veins. I used the ball tool for the sepal by just doing a circular movement in the center which will lift the sepals slightly upward. The sepal is the base used to secure (glue) the petals in place. For each petal, after shaping it, slightly pinch the end that you will glue to give more lift. Glue the first two petals opposite each other and the next two between them. Continue until you are satisfied. Then, glue Express-O Yourself (bronze) Prills to the center.

Vein the leaves in the same manner. Because the leaves and background are the same, I edge the leaves with Gold Metallic ink.

Refer to the photo and layer the card front. I use double-sided adhesives but you may prefer glue. Adhere the flower and leaves with glue.

Thank you for looking in today. Until next time…Barb

Special Note: There are many tools on the market designed for creating flower veining and shaping. I just checked with Amazon and was surprised to find such a variety of useful tools: Japanese Flower Making Tools; Blossom Tools; Molding Tools; Flower Shaping Tools; to name a few. And prices? From reasonable to somewhere way out there. I own two sets, the McGill 4 pc Paper Blossom Tools and Susan’s Garden 4 pc set. That works for me.


  1. Barb, I found your blog and LOVE it. I think your cards are magnificent and your words inspiring. I'm terrible at social media and really struggle to grow my YouTube page, blog and facebook, and wondered if you are finding success in finding viewers without YouTube. I'm so glad you left a message for me on facebook, although if you ever really want to talk, I'm much better at Best of luck to you, I think you're doing a terrific job and wish you the best of luck. Sandy

  2. Thank you Sandy. I often look in on your You Tub site and enjoy what you share. You are an inspiration for more people than you know.
    Talk with you later.


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