Monday, December 5, 2016

Celebrating You, Always

Every month offers us something special. For me, it is maybe a holiday or a special gathering. Mostly though, it is time to honor our dear friends and family members with their own, one-of –a-kind celebration card. In this case, “Always” is for a friend’s birthday.

With a mid-December birthday, my first thoughts gravitated towards Susan’s Garden Notes Poinsettia (1090). 

As I was going through my collection of various papers, I remembered how this friend likes things that shine. As I thought about my project I gathered together Neenah’s Stardream Pearlescent papers, Crystal, Opal, Jupiter, Emerald and Gold.

                   Finished card size 5”x7”

Let’s get Started:
Cut a piece of Opal to 7” x 10” and score a center ditch (5”).  Cut a 4 ¼” x 5 ½” for the top layer. Cut Jupiter (red) to a 5 ¾” x 4 ½” for the middle layer. Keep the remainder if the sheets to the accent corners and leaves. Set aside.

The Opal top layer can either be left plain or you might want to add some snowflakes stamped in gold. With this type of paper, the gold shows up when the light catches it at the right angle. I used snowflakes from a retired stamp set.

Die cut two Poinsettias in the Jupiter and one in Emerald. Die cut the berries and Suzanne Canon’s Quietfire “Always” in Gold. Cut two Jasmine flowers in Crystal.

Form and Assemble:
This is the fun part. Using the 5mm Stylus, add the veining to the lower green poinsettia. (For a crisper vein, use the 1mm Leaf Tool.) I will first work mostly on the backside. Turn it over and using a circular motion, work the center. This should lift the leaves. Do the same with the first layer of red leaves. Using Kids Choice Glue, apply a touch of glue to adhere the green and 1st layer of red. Make sure to offset the layers.

The top layer of the flower is basically done the same. However, to get a more dramatic flower, I recommend “curling” a few of the leaves and lifting them higher. I use a Fine Tip Reverse Tweezer to create the curls. Again, glue this layer to the rest of the flower. Let dry.

Use the 2mm, add a dimple to the underside of the gold berries. Using your tweezers, lightly dip the edge of the berry in the glue and place in the center of the flower. Use 8 or 10 berries.

Assemble the card adding your own corner accents.

Hope you were able to glean a few ideas from this project. I had fun creating this card, especially knowing the friend who will celebrate next week. 

It was my pleasure to present this project. I do hope you will stop in again.

Till next time...


  1. Oh, so pretty, Barb. Love how the 3 leaves are just laying there, like petals fallen from the flower.


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