Tuesday, November 29, 2016

A Rose A Day

For every card that I do, I try to think of the recipients favorite color, hobby, and/or flower. Since most women like flowers, it becomes a little easier.
For this card, die cut Susan’s Garden – Rose 1 twice out of a soft white pearled cardstock. Use a blender sponge to apply a blush of soft pink or rose color ink to each petal. Apply a little darker coloring to the centers. To keep a more realistic appearance, paintaply the color to both sides. Before assembling the flower, use Susan’s Loop Tool to create the texture (refer to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-nCY0hp1bQs). Assemble the rose and set aside.

Cut the leaves from a green cardstock. Use the Leaf Tool to add the veins. Accent the veins and edges with a soft brown ink.

To assemble use a soft white paper for the card base and cut a smaller piece for the upper layer. The second layer has a gunmetal iridescent look. I took another piece of the darker paper and embossed a strip using a folder from my collection. Glue all the layers then add your leaves and the rose.

This is an A2 sized card.

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